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How to measure the sofa sizes before placing order


If you are reading this blog means, you have a doubt or question in your mind what if the cover doesn't match for my sofa? the main reason could be your sofa is not a normal simple design it might have headrest, it might have big cushions attached, it might be a customized sofa with abnormal sizes or it might be couch with left or right side hand rest or it might be a curve  shaped single seater.

We truly understand your doubt is valid, let us take this opportunity to clarify your doubts on measuring the sofa covers to take decision on choosing the size and place the order.

1) Measuring procedure: 

1-Seater   80cm-140cm 

2-Seater  145cm-180cm

3-Seater  185cm-230cm

4-Seater  235cm-300cm

Let's say, you are looking for 3+1+1 cover. Our 3-seater sofa cover fit's for the sofa's with in the range of 185-230 cms (Distance b/w A to B as showed in pic-2). We are sure that if you are sofa is normal in shape and there is no any extra add-on's to it, it will perfectly. When your sofa have any extra add-on's like headrest or customized width in sitting area in this case we suggest you to go for 4-seater cover instead of 3-seater. Because it is easy for you to manage and install little bigger cover than small cover as they are dynamic in nature it will fir for all verities.

Some sample images: this is 3+2 cover perfectly fitted because it is a normal design, there is no any add-on's

Let's say below sofa as an example: 

Please observe this sofa has big cushions attached to sofa and also the length is not normal, it is customized sofa. Usually we feel this is like a 3+2 sofa cover but actually it is not. For this sofa we suggest you to order 4+3 instead of 3+2 as it has extra cushions. 

Let's see how this looks like with covers

How to measure 1-seater sofa cover.

This kind of sofa's perfectly fine with 1-seater cover but there are few models where you should use 2-seater instead of 1-seater

For this design, we need 2-seater sofa cover

When you have different design sofa's always we suggest go for next size. Our covers are dynamic, they can fit for any design and any model only. If the size is little bit large it is ok to fix it by adjusting the threads on the down side of the sofa. 

In case your sofa or couch is 2.5 seater, please go for 3 seater. They will not fit and it will be difficult for us and you as well to manage with tight covers.

Also, in case if you feel any doubt in choosing the sizes, please reach out us in whats app 8431350257. Our team is very well educated and saw more than 100 verities of designs, they know our covers fit's or not. Please feel free to reach us, we are happy to help you!

Thank you for your support and trust on us, we continuously working to bring the best quality and services to our extended family. 

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