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How to Verify The Online Seller Before Placing Order

How to Verify The Online Seller Before Placing Order

It's big time to get awareness on online shopping frauds happening in the world. As i am hearing stories of people who lost their hard earned money in one or other way in online purchases, most of them tired up reaching the suppliers over the social media messages and emails. 

When you’re verifying a potential supplier you are essentially looking at these two aspects:

  1. Does the supplier have the ability to produce the products you want to buy?
  2. Is the company a legitimate business with good reputation and not a scam?

These are the top 5 things you should verify before placing order with online stores.

1) Google Search 

Search in google for location of the company contact information and reviews

2) Make a Phone Call

To avoid being traced by law enforcement authorities, most scammers do not provide genuine registration information online. For example, they will provide a false company address and telephone, or persuade buyers to contact them by mobile phone only.

3) Write a email, wait for response

Write email to the supplier by asking contact number and doubts if you have any, if they are replying quickly which means their customer support is good 

4) Check from which country the seller belongs to

It's difficult and expensive to reach out supplier from other countries, the suppliers from same country is more reliable and trust worthy

5) Check About Us Page

You can find the all above details in about us page of the website

I have received many queries and messages from people how they got cheated by some stores, i don't want any one to get cheated again in online shopping as it is a legitimate business. 

I am placing some screen shots received from my Customers:

we verified, Mr..Rajan has contacted them multiple times after facing the order, but he has not received his products even after 3 months and he ordered with us now. When i heard his story, felt very sad and i decided to educate the shoppers.

Like this we have received multiple feedback's from online shoppers like Smitha from Mumbai and Swetha from Bangalore as well. As i don't have their permission to post their emails i am not sharing here.

Kindly be aware of online frauds and i request you all to verify the supplier before you place an order. 

Thank you for Reading,

Sofa Cover Maker Team

You can reach us at

We SofaCoverMaker Brand's registered name is Kasula Internet Marketing LLP, registered at Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs, our registered number is AAQ-8670

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