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How to measure the sofa sizes before placing order

Hello, If you are reading this blog means, you have a doubt or question in your mind what if the cover doesn't match for my sofa? the main reason could be your sofa is not a normal simple design it might have headrest, it might have big cushions attached, it might be a customized sofa with abnormal sizes or it might be couch with left or right side hand rest or it might be a curve  shaped single seater. We truly understand your doubt is valid, let us take this opportunity to clarify your doubts on measuring the sofa covers to take decision on choosing the size and place the order. 1) Measuring procedure:  1-Seater   80cm-140cm  2-Seater  145cm-180cm 3-Seater  185cm-230cm...

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How to Verify The Online Seller Before Placing Order

It's big time to get awareness on online shopping frauds happening in the world. As i am hearing stories of people who lost their hard earned money in one or other way in online purchases, most of them tired up reaching the suppliers over the social media messages and emails.  When you’re verifying a potential supplier you are essentially looking at these two aspects: Does the supplier have the ability to produce the products you want to buy? Is the company a legitimate business with good reputation and not a scam? These are the top 5 things you should verify before placing order with online stores. 1) Google Search  Search in google for location of the company contact information and...

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Make your Memories Colorful

It's a place where we live most of our time in home. Many memories with our beloved Kids, Spouse, Parents and Friends and why it should be always in same color and old look, when we can change quickly with our modern sofa covers

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Are you tired up Cleaning your Sofa?

Your weekend getting wasted in sofa cleaning? and tired up suffering with allergies spreading from the dust accumulated on your sofa? What if you have a easy to use and washable sofa covers which can be washable. It's coll right, we understand our customer needs and provide the solutions. To explore our products visit collections page

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